Phần Mềm Chỉnh Tốc Độ Video Tốt Nhất Trên, Tăng Tốc Hoặc Làm Chậm Video Của Bạn

Video Speed Changer

If you need to change video speed, our editor allows you to make it quickly and easily. No experience and learning is required - the interface is intuitive, so you are ready to become a video wizard once your clip is uploaded. Our video speed controller features all essential instruments for changing video speed and size, as well as adding and customizing elements like texts, images, effects, etc. Video Cutter supports all video formats and processes both short clips and long movies. You can export your file in a couple of clicks and enjoy limitless editing.


How to change the speed of a video

Proper timing and speed make videos more useful and spectacular. You can enable slow motion to add a zest of dramatics or speed up a video to spur the action. No matter your idea, you can fulfil it with our editor. Here’s how it works.

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Upload a video

Open the Video Cutter in your browser using any device (phone, PC or tablet). Click ‘Upload file’ and add the video by dragging it or selecting from a folder. Wait until it’s exported. For large files, it might take up to 10 minutes, while smaller files are processed within seconds.

Set up the speed

Once your video is uploaded, you can find changes to its speed (or apply these changes to its fragments only by selecting them in the progress bar) by clicking the corresponding tool in the sidebar. Tap ‘Change speed’ and choose from available options (x2, x3, x0.5). Feel free to use other instruments from the panel if you want to make a slow-motion video or a timelapse.

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Select encoding format

Unless you select a file format, your video will be saved as an MP4 file by default. Click the ‘Format’ button to change the file extension. Our app supports MOV, AVI, 3GP, MP4 and all other major extensions. After that, click ‘Save’ and wait a few minutes for encoding.

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Save and use

When the video file is encoded, click ‘Save’, and it will be automatically downloaded on your device. Regardless of the edits and their number, it will be a high-quality video without watermarks. It’s ready for use, so you can publish it anywhere and anytime. Note that speed changes, just like other alterations, can impact the size of your file.

Changes Video Speed Online with Ease!

Motion content is always the best decision when you need to showcase your services or products, promote a brand or create an appealing, professionally-looking website. Videos can be used for:

Social media marketing Website pages Presentations YouTube channels Advertisements

With Video Cutter, you don’t have to hire a video editor or even pay for digital instruments. You’ve got all the necessary tools at your fingertips even without installing editing software. Change video speed and resolution, add and customize images or texts, and enjoy the freedom of creation. The quality of content won’t be affected after processing.